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Latvian Museum of Naïve Art
The former customs warehouse has been the home of the Latvian Museum of Naïve Art for six years.

The Andrejsala-based Latvian Museum of Naïve Art will launch its seventh season on Friday, 27 April 2012, with a creative project called Land of Blue involving 14 young artists. 


Over the years, the Museum of Naïve Art has gained considerable popularity due to its extensive collection of Latvian and international naïvist masterpieces on display. The vast collection comprises works by the most notable Latvian naïvists Filips Šalajevs, Edgars Krīgers, Rahmails Jakrins and many others.


The Latvian Museum of Naïve Art was established in 2006. Its regular and thematic exhibitions have succeeded to attain great public interest. The masters whose works have been displayed at the Museum are often appraised for their daring and non-conformist approach. Visitors have often noted that artwork appeals to them just as much as the building of the Museum, a former customs warehouse which perfectly matches the artistic content amidst the charming environment that Andrejsala is known and loved for.


The Latvian Museum of Naïve Art first opened to public in May 2006. It singled itself out in 2007 by becoming the first privately owned Latvian museum to receive an official national accreditation. The museum is popular among Rīgans and visitors, accessible to a wide range of viewers and at the same time creates an ingenious and sophisticated new attraction in Andrejsala, the district known as the modern arts and culture hub near the centre of the Latvian capital.


The Museum's objective is to explain and popularise the processes of naïve art, the meaning and the distinguishing features of the genre within the broader cultural context, thus increasing awareness and recognition of naïve art among Latvians and foreign visitors alike. By exhibiting original artwork, the museum also seeks to educate general public about the unique facets and core values of the genre and the ways it is expressed in Latvia.


The museum's team considers it important to preserve the Latvian naïve works of art for the future and already uses it to widen the scope of arts available to viewers. For that reason, the Museum has been working actively toward collecting, researching, preserving and promoting not just modern-day naïve artwork but also older pieces, some dating back even to the 18th century. In practical terms, the museum's activity consists of meticulous investigation, conservation and exhibiting, at its headquarters in Andrejsala, of contemporary Latvian naïve art ranging from paintings and sculptures to several other sub-genres. The material gathered and systematised by the experts allows the Museum to formulate and spread ample and accurate information about the Latvian naïvist artwork both domestically and abroad.


Opening hours of the museum: Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from noon till 7:00 pm.



Dzintars Zilgalvis, GSM +371 29474401; Alise Vetrova, collection expert, GSM +371 26348218.

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